Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The trouble with being a habitual sketcher is that you end up with a billion little pieces of paper with doodles all over them. I'm trying to go through boxes of old paperwork and recycle things, and I came across these pages torn from a work notebook, oh, like, 4 jobs ago? I was working at a botanical garden, and a researcher gave a slideshow of his travels through Madagascar. My notebook pages are covered with quick gesture sketches of baobab trees, of delonix trees, of moringa trees. The crazy swollen trunks, the Dr. Seuss-like squiggles of their branches.
So here I am, recycling, shredding, recycling, shredding, and it all grinds to a halt when I come across weird little doodles like this. They aren't precious, but they kinda are at the same time. Totally throws me off my sorting-through-the-paperwork stride.

Of course, the upside of being a compulsive doodler is that you find these things in boxes every now and then. Heh. 

(For the record, that was a February 2005 lecture by Myron Kimnach.)

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  1. You need a personal archive! I shredded a bunch of old things myself this winter. Had to make way for the new...