Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zoo, With Friends

My friend T and her family came to visit over Memorial Day weekend. The kids were as excited to see the zoo as I was, hurrah! Lots of fast monotone sketches as our merry group tried to keep sight of each other in the dense holiday crowd.

My friend T's version of the hippo came out delightfully well too. Hooray for adventures with art-nerds and their nerdiness-accommodating families!


  1. I think I like your fruit bat sketches better. somehow they capture how constant their motions are.... Yay!

    1. The brush pen helps make the quick gestures of the fruit bats a little more expressive, that's for sure! Nothing like thick & think lines fast, in a hurry. (Man, those fruit bats were the bomb. But the hippo's pile of nose-resting rocks still makes me all squooshy inside...)