Friday, September 21, 2012

Cape Disappointment

Last month I was camping with my family in Cape Disappointment, Washington--lovely state campground there, peppered with shore pines (which was perfect, since I needed study them for the Mushroom Festival poster I was working on.) Woke up early to draw the tree, and ended up drawing tons of wonderful birds (and even a bunny!) that were all over the campground, taking advantage of the fact that most humans were still asleep.

That's one thing I especially love about sketching: it gives you an opportunity to hold still, and that can lead to amazing wildlife viewings that a person in motion would likely miss. (Nothing against hiking, but wow, the rabbit in the sketch above was hopping calmly around, just a foot or two from where I was standing!)


  1. I really like the branch with cone on the lower left - something about it is so poetic....

    1. Thanks, T! I guess that little corner did turn out nice. (Another argument for drawing a lot--every now and then, a bit of poetry bubbles up!)