Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sketchbook Project

I did it! I finished my entry for The Sketchbook Project and got it off in the mail yesterday. Not especially brilliant, but it has a few nice moments. Not terribly novel, but I did push my own envelope a little bit. The book will go on a cross-country tour this spring and summer, and will be digitized for easy reference online as well. Fun. * ¡Lo cumplí! Llené mi libro para The Sketchbook Project y lo envié por correo ayer. No es particularmente ingenioso, pero hay momentos bonitos adentro. No es nada nuevo, pero sí traté algunas cosas fuera de lo normal para mí. El libro viajará por el país en primavera y verano, y también una version digital estará en el internet. Que divertido.


  1. If 2013's round of books is anything like the ones currently displayed online, yours will stand out amongst the teen angst (a wee bit over-represented).

    1. I actually haven't seen the tour before--I do remember from personal experience that teen angst can be powerful fuel when it comes to journaling, etc. Cheers!