Monday, August 6, 2012

Mars Landing

When I got to the museum tonight, the bike racks were all full. It was standing room only in the planetarium, and standing room only in the auditorium as well. A ton of people had come out to see the "Curiosity" rover land on the surface of Mars.  * Cuando llegué al museo esta noche, ya no había lugar donde parquear mi bicicleta. Cada silla en el planetario estaba llena, y cada silla en el auditorio estaba llena también. Un montón de gente quería ver el  robot "Curiosity" aterrizar en el superficie de Marte. (Debemos decir "amartizar," porque no ocurrió en la Tierra, ¿no?)

We all clapped like mad, but that was nothing compared to the emotions that all the JPL scientists were going through. So exciting to be exploring Mars again! * El aplauso fuerte de nosotros en el museo no era nada, comparado con las emociones del equipo de científicos en JPL. ¡Que emocionante es, explorar Marte otra vez!


  1. Your museum does all of the cool things! I love your quick sketches of people hugging and hooting.

    Thought you might appreciate this blog by Mary Robinette Kowal on the landing, scifi and the Wizard of Oz!

    1. The body language throughout was so compelling, it kept me hooked even when I wasn't understanding the technical jargon!

      Fantastic blog post by Kowal. Great observations about the emotion, drama, links between science and fiction, data and imagination...YES!