Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baby Face (Part Two)

As a new parent, there's a lot of data to gather about the tiny critter that's burst onto the scene. For the first weeks, I was keeping careful track of when she last ate, how many diapers she blasted through during the course of a day, etc in order to make sure all is good and healthy.

Thus, my pocket notebooks have become a strange medley of charts diagramming milk in/milk out, with elaborate baby doodles in the margins.

Not to mention the fact that, when struggling to stay alert for lengthy late-night feedings, sketching on any handy scrap of paper can keep my brain from shutting down entirely. (Sleep deprivation is a great way to loosen up the linework of one's sketches, as it turns out).

Whether it's studying her face as she nurses...


...or just trying to stay awake in the doctor's waiting room, I've been very grateful to have pen and paper on hand.


  1. Love them, especially the second sketch. The newborn anatomical proportions are tricky for me... but really fun to draw sleeping newborns.

    1. I agree that newborn anatomy is tricky! That's part of the fun of making these sketches, though--it's a good challenge of observation.