Sunday, December 29, 2013

Evening Watercolors

Our baby tends to need a feeding in the middle of the night--3 am or thereabouts. I've done a few experiments with sketching her in watercolor during these times. At first I was going about it in a more realistic way...
(That adorable moment when she's done eating but her mouth is still gaping open for a while...)
 ...but it has been much more fun to let the low light and the sleepy brain take the sketches in more abstract directions.
I may not do a lot more of these at this juncture, since it squiggs me out a bit to have the paint supplies out in the same time and space as feeding time. Rule #1--don't eat paint. We learned that quite clearly from Van Gogh already.

 But this has been a lovely excuse to bust out the beautiful travel sketchbook that my aunt Lois made for me. (Parenthood is a type of voyage, isn't it?) If you're reading this, Lois, I think the choice of watercolor palette is dead-on awesome and the whole unit works like a charm!


  1. Your multi-tasking is amazing and the results are truly lovely!

    1. Thanks, Vicky! I think I'll put the toned-paper sketchbook near the nursing chair next, for more fun light/shadow (with less worries about chemical contamination!)