Saturday, December 7, 2013

Baby Face (Part One)

I gave birth to a baby girl on Halloween morning, and was sketching her right from day one. (I actually packed my watercolor kit and a good squirrel mop brush in my hospital bag--laughable to see me pondering what brush is best for the occasion!--but have nonetheless only done pen sketches of her so far.)

Sketching helps me wrap my head around this momentous event. Who is this tiny human? What does she look like, how does she move?

A baby's face is such an odd thing--familiar in structure, yet with such different proportions than an adult face.

Simultaneously adorable and surreal, bizarre.

It it that it's rounder, taller, wider...? Still can't pin down the exact dynamics that makes a baby's face distinct.

But good job, evolution, on making baby faces absolutely fascinating.


  1. She's going to have the best baby album ever. These are lovely.
    Got a chuckle out of 'which brush to take.' Bet there aren't a lot of hospital bags with art supplies. You were well prepared:)

    1. Hee hee! I have to discipline myself now, since I have been using cloth diapers for watercolor paint-rags for more than a decade now; really seems best not to subject baby's delicate bottom to accidental doses of quinacridone rose, you know?